• Auto Close Tickets

    Alfa CRM offers you the ability to auto close inactive tickets for a certain time. This option is located in Setup->Settings->Cron Job->Tickets, you can enter time number of hours that must be passed from the last ticket reply in order the system to auto close the ticket. Keep in mind that the system will only…

  • Allow access to tickets to non-staff members

    By default access to tickets to none staff members will be disalowed. If you need want to allow access go to Setup->Settings->Tickets and set Allow access to tickets for none staff members to YES

  • Ticket Services

    Ticket services is a feature in Alfa CRM that allows your customer to select to what service/product this ticket is related when opening a new ticket. Eq. When your customer will open the ticket the admin will know that this ticket is related to specific service. You can easily enable / disable this…

  • Private staff notes

    To add private ticket note open the ticket and click on the Notes tab from on top.Ticket notes are only visible to staff members so they can collaborate together if multiple assistance is required.

  • Allowed file extensions

    For the support feature allowed file extensions are separated from the global system allowed file extensions. To configure the support ticket file extensions navigate to Setup->Settings->Support-> Allowed file extensions. The file extensions added will apply also when the ticket is auto imported from Email Piping or IMAP.

  • Maximum ticket attachments

    Go to Setup -> Settings -> Tickets -> Maximum ticket attachments to adjust maximum tickets attachments.

  • Knowledge Base Link

    When replying or opening ticket click on the button Insert knowledge base link. A popup modal will be opened you only need to click on the plus icon to insert into the reply field, the link will be inserted where your cursor currently is pointed in the reply area edit. If Setup ->…

  • Predefined Replies

    Setup some predefined replies that you are using very often so you wont need anymore to type it again and again. Go to Setup -> Support -> Predefined Replies. When replying or opening to ticket click on the button Add predefined reply. A popup modal will be opened you only need to click…

  • Change ticket status without making reply

    You can change the ticket status without making the reply. Open the ticket you want to change the status and on the top right side select the desired status.Status will be updated automatically after change you dont need to save any changes.  No email will be sent to the customer…

  • Statuses

    You can easily customize ticket status by going to Setup->Support -> Ticket statuses Alfa CRM come with general predefined statuses which you cant delete them becuase they are around the application. You can only change the name. While listing ticket statuses you can view in this moment how many tickets are currently in…