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Tracking Sent Emails

From version 2.0 there is a new unique feature added in Alfa CRM for tracking sent emails if they are opened for the “sales” features. This feature will help you to easily determine eq if contact opened the email when you send the invoice to the contact email.

This is only applied to specific emails, below you can find the list which emails/email templates are tracked.

  1. Send Invoice to Customer
  2. Invoice Already Sent to Customer
  3. Invoice Overdue Notice
  4. Send Estimate to Customer
  5. Estimate Already Sent to Customer
  6. Estimate Expiration Reminder
  7. Send Proposal to Customer
  8. New Comment (Sent to Customer/Lead)
  9. Proposal Expiration Reminder
  10. Send Credit Note To Email
  11. Send Contract to Customer
  12. Send Subscription to Customer
  13. Subscription Payment Failed

You can check all available email template mentioned above in Setup->Email Templates.

Checking if the email is opened

You don’t need to configure anything, the feature is auto turned ON and will work out of the box while you use Alfa CRM.

Let’s assume you sent an invoice to a contact and you want to see if the contact opened the email, in admin area open the invoice preview area and click on the envelope menu icon, there will be a list of all tracked emails sent with indicator does they are opened or not.

Use same steps to see if the email is opened is applied for all other features.

Tracked emails not updated

There is one occasion when this feature may not work properly, depends on the settings the contact/user configure in his email client. There is nothing Alfa CRM can do about this, the tracked email status will remain as “Not Opened“

If the contact/user have an option in his email client/email interface to turn off remote content for the received emails, this may not work properly. Below you can find an example how this may look eq in Thunderbird email client

In this case, if contact just read the email and don’t turn on remote content or don’t allow remote content for this specific email, the email will remain as “Not Opened

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